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Universe in the womb


by Watcharaporn Yoodee


Universe in the womb series is stemmed from the grief over the triple miscarriages I have experienced.


I engage my experience of impregnation and loss to the origin of the universe in relation to relativistic cosmology. Ultrasound images of the uterus are employed as a motif to represent the boundlessness of the universe. These images are also the reminiscence of my unborn children.


Ultrasound images, all together with visual techniques are employed to portray the remembrance and the blessedness of having children who could only be fetals in the womb.


Even though I lost them, they always exist and could be perceived through art as well as molecular lifes drifting in the universe.   

The objective of this creative process is to reveal the glory of small things. A mother’s womb and the universe both are the “genesis” of every life. All is originated from the very same element — oneness with all life.

 The very small and safe territory — the mother’s womb 

Is greater than the earth and the universe itself.


The universe, great and boundless 

 Unequal and endless is the love of the mother. 

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