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Furniture and Lighting design, Since 2006

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About us 


Traditional handcrafting and the highest standard of quality by combining well-selected raw material with unique design. Our factory located in the outer-ring of Bangkok. Our products provide you with modern style, while maintaining an exceptional level of craftsmanship conceived through years of experience. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​



We create artworks through furniture design. We see the importance of quality craftsmanship, while maintaining great functionality. ​ 


About home's philosophy

Our design is based on the flow of nature and sustainability.

Left over woods are not useless and seen as wasted material as others might think. We collaborate the idea of  "Up-Cycling" into our designs to reduce waste and to create sustainability lifestyle. ​


Our furniture creates a perfect bond between the sensational aspects of your living space with various design option to fit your needs. Whether it is a compact piece for a home or medium to large sized sectional for your living space. ​


 Our philosophy is to design the furniture to be a part of your lifestyle. ​ ​ ​


We design for all.


The art of living

For About home,

In our pursuit to craft furniture and lighting design, we do not focus merely the designs. The sense of integration between human, nature, art, and craft are far beyond just only furnitures.

Our lifestyle

We believe in making purposeful connections that lighten up the spirit of all clients, whether it is customers, designer, or suppliers.


Design authenticity

Every piece comes with a story.

We truly believed in sensibility of good design through aesthetic of craftsmanship. Our furniture are deeply integrated with timeless design, simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. Each pieces are manufactured through quality materials with best attention to details. Fulfilling and enhance memorable experience for the inhabitants, is our job to serve the purpose. 




2007 - 2008

2009 - 2014

Founded by Jesada and Orathai Thaiyanont in 2006.

The first collection was launched at TIFF exhibition fair, with the first product line including pillow and upholstery design.

The second collection consisted of lighting and furniture design with

Plumeria's flower illustrations at Baan Lae Suan fair 2007

Produced by outsource manufacturing.

The factory was established in later on in 2008, started with only few members in the team. Located in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Started the production of large size furniture, such as dining table, cabinet, bed, and chair.

Exported internationally, with our showroom branches at Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

2015 - Present

About home is continuing the same philosophy of craftsmanship, with the purpose of connecting the bond between human and design. Good design with durable and aesthetic that will improve the inhabitants life. The desire to engage the environmental issues with sustainability design. 

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Furniture design & Manufacturer
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